Client Services


CASS is committed to providing superior client services. To assist in meeting our commitment, a variety of resources are available for review and use. Please use the menu of client services on the left side (available after logging in).

Worker Illness and Injury

CASS maintains a worker's compensation insurance policy to provide for the care of employees who are injured while on the job. The process to report and document a reported accident is important to follow. Learn more »

Job Classifications, Pay Periods, Pay Scales

CASS has created a variety of job classifications to ensure that duties, responsibilities and compensation are closely aligned. CASS operates on a bi-weekly pay schedule with twenty-six pay periods per year. Learn more »

Performance and Discipline

CASS employees are evaluated on a consistent basis to ensure that each employee is provided feedback on their behavior, skills, and abilities. The goal of the performance evaluation is to assist each employee in maintaining a high level of performance or pointing out areas that require improvement. Performance evaluation is also a valuable component of the discipline process. Learn more »

Employee Forms

Forms are available to help you meet needs of the CASS staff working in your district. Learn more »

Employee Benefits

CASS employees receive a variety of benefits through their employment relationship. Among the benefits employees receive are an annual leave plan, an employee assistance program, the opportunity to participate in a 457 deferred compensation plan, and a mini-medical plan. Learn more »

Travel/Meal Reimbursement

Employees who are required to travel away from their home and headquarters are entitled to compensation for expenses incurred. CASS has developed a Travel Guide to communicate our travel policy and explain reimbursement rates. Learn more »

Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is a valuable resource for questions on CASS employment policies, employee rights and responsibilities. If specific questions cannot be answered through referral to the Employee Handbook, you are welcome to call one of the staff on our Human Resources team. Learn more »